Orthopedic Sports – Mobility Focused

Cut the fluff and get to the serious stuff. Clothed sessions addressing range of motion + rehabilitation. A blend of Neuromuscular + Myofascial Release techniques to encourage your body’s natural healing properties. Keep doing the most with less fuss. Get in motion to stay mobile.

Neuromuscular Therapy

Commonly known as trigger point work, the body has mapped patterns of hypertension and referral pain. With an understanding of this topography, tension is released through targeted pressure at problem sites.

Myofascial Release

What really holds us together is more than muscles and bones. The fascia that binds them both known as: Tensegrity, a union of tension and integrity, and our true balancer. One area of issue effects the operation of the whole. Slow dragging motions redirect and release lines of tension.

Thai Mat Massage

Staying grounded and fully clothed, broad pressure and practitioner provided stretching warms and loosens soft tissue. This modality is based on the theory that Sen lines work as conduits of our vital energy.
When engaged, our life force is served.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Assisted activation of your immune system, awaken your lymphatics, eliminate toxins and improve circulation. Rhythmic rocking and pulsing encourage lymphatic flow, also beneficial to the cardiovascular system.


Gentle and still, Acupressure holds can clear Qi from the body, regaining movement in stagnate areas and providing energetic refreshment. Requires detailed intake in advance for customization.

Hot Stones

Jade stones bring the heat and melt muscles effortlessly while providing additional pressure for the areas that need it most.
Not compatible with Sports or Thai Sessions.

Healing Frequencies

Before we are anything we are vibration, synced with the soundwaves. Tibetan bowls can sing from the sidelines or are warmed and rung atop the body. Weighted tuning forks can relieve acupressure and trigger points.
Sound sessions can also be performed contactless if so preferred.

Please email with questions, or to start curating your individualized treatment Or visit to book now

Treatments require detailed health history. New clients must allow extra time for initial intake.

All photographs were captured by the founder of Soothe To Strengthen