Soothe To Strengthen

Treatments by Katelyn

My Practice

Forever a student, continuously aspiring to be a teacher and leader for those looking to keep going and growing. Drawn to massage as a lover of the learning process, I picked the profession because it encourages continual growth and renewal. I learned at a young age that there are challenges presented through the process of transformation and those tests are how we level up. We all know that strength is often developed through stress, we also realize that the body needs a chance to rest before it can recover and integrate the lessons learned through hardship. Regardless of what life has been throwing at you, or how you have been coasting with the current, how tuned in are you to the changes within? Tension patterns develop from too much stress or too little stress and can lead to limited range of motion, increase in sensitivity and decreased enjoyment of day-to-day activities. This practice was founded with a focus on postural hygiene, mindful movement and strengthening the mind body connection. When you soothe to strengthen, you get boost of recovery and the confidence to keep moving forward with determination that change can be as easy as we make it or as difficult as we let it become.

My Story

Hospitality is how I’ve paved my way the last decade. Connecting people to products, services and experiences with grace and gratitude as guidance. The food industry has helped me categorize what we want versus what we need and how to satisfy one without neglecting the other. Finding that balance is as rewarding as it is challenging. I’m driven by adventure, a need to explore, to dive deeper into the human condition and be student to the struggles we all face to varying degrees.

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All photographs were captured by the founder of Soothe To Strengthen