Soothe To Strengthen

Treatments by Katelyn

My Practice

My massage training was attained at Body Wisdom in Des Moines, Iowa. I learned at a young age that there are challenges presented through the process of transformation and those tests are how we level up. With Soothe to Strengthen growth is based on the theory: that which no longer serves it’s purpose deserves thanks for what it has given us before we make way for new strengths to arise. Much as a leaf that serves for a season must leave the tree for greater change to be achieved in the next cycle. Growth is not infinite; we are not meant to last forever. We are meant to be highly adaptable, rejuvenating, biomechanisms that like any other machine, needs specific buttons pushed from time to time for rest or rebooting to take place so we may continue functioning at optimum capacity. How that looks for you will depend on your preferences and level of adaptability.

My Story

Hospitality is how I’ve paved my way the last decade. Connecting people to products, services and experiences with grace and gratitude as guidance. The food industry has helped me categorize what we want versus what we need and how to satisfy one without neglecting the other. Finding that balance is as rewarding as it is challenging. I’m driven by adventure, a need to explore, to dive deeper into the human condition and be student to the struggles we all face to varying degrees.

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All photographs were captured by the founder of Soothe To Strengthen